Wednesday, May 9, 2012

This is my new kitteh bento mission page, because I'm facing more challenges, health issues making me vegan for most of my life, and now having to go gluten free too. One rough day out, standing at an intersection waiting to cross a street and eyeballing all the dining signs around me, wondering WHERE might be a safe place to dawned on me that sushi should be a perfect gluten free option, right?
Of course once I got home and online before I could even check email, I happened to see a news story about an ecoli outbreak mostly from sushi places. Rut Roh. That WOULD just be my luck.
A few nights later, I was up at 4am making my first mini faux spicy tuna rolls and packing them into a nice little lunchbox to take out the next day. And so it began. Ironicly enough, now I'm up at 4am unable to sleep, and writing about it. I just wish I'd thought to take pictures of those first few packed snacky snacks from that week, now I want to have a blog to put them, and the things I plan to make later when I have more supplies.
They advise you upon having to go gluten free, to give up breads and such completely before trying the alternatives. Your body actually goes through withdrawal, tis really really annoying and horrid. Better than being sick, but drives a girl plain batty. I reckon that starting to eat more asian food for awhile would be the best plan of action during this phase of adjusting, it's almost perfect.
 So I decided I'm going to use these new curveballs thrown at my diet as a chance to learn and explore new ways of cooking(because no matter how many different and odd styles you may know, there's always more to try out there!) and finally get into my dreamed of obsession with the bento cuteness that I've always had such a longing for.
For years I've had to deny myself giving in whenever I look at so many things I'd love to get and play with, because I know how such adorable boxes will turn into more and more, then take over my kitchen and all cooking thoughts so quickly.
Though I've refrained from delving into the super cute, or splurging on buying supplies, I have been fortunate in that my mother was once a Tupperware Lady, hence I've accumulated a LOT of very useful little dishes that are convenient for these purposes. I've also spent the past 16 years or so mostly cooking for just one, or for kids, that probably gives me an advantage and leaning to this too.
I'm also soooooo lucky to finally have a mate who wants me to cook for him and is willing and asking for me to cook these things. This will probably be VERY entertaining to watch, as I'm going to be attempting to cook meat for the first time in my life. And not able to taste test it myself during the learning process either.. stay tuned for hilarity to ensue. :P

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