Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rice Dal and Pizza

One day I found a website... and tried two of the recipes onnit within 24hrs, because they're simple and called for ingredients I had all of, but would never have thought to combine. The first one was fried egg and mushrooms which came out amazing. Despite being like the first time I've fried an egg in a few years, still trying to get used to it. Cursed with breaking the yolks, and still being too worried about it. Also I had heard some australians on my cooking shows cook shrooms for breakfast, but never known what spices or anything else they used. This is def a fave now, especially with crispy potatoes too. MMMMN!

The second recipe I tried that day was kidney beans and pears which I put with some jasmine rice. It was quite different, but good and filling! We'd had pears that had been sitting around with nobody wanting to deal with, so it was purrfect timing too.

Here's that rice, topped with carrot strips, sunflower seeds, and kelp seasoning sprinkled on top. Tier 2 has my usual fave creamy red lentil soup with red pepper and carrots. Also in the corner(though on accident) is a parrot shaped jelly sucker that was way cute, I bought it for the boy and one with a tiger for the girl.

Later that weekend I ordered up all of my free pizzas and fed the kids, then got one last one for myself to say goodbye to gluten. We have an awesome pizza place, and tis near one of our friends so hopefully I'll be able to go get their gluten free with vegan cheese ones sometime! *drools a little thinking about it*

Also, I just had to do this and take the pic because my sister was laughing saying it was cute "she actually put PIZZA in the PIZZA dish!" cuz usually I'll stuff it with pasta or rice or something and she shakes her head about it. LOL.

The little ducky here is full of oil and vinegar that I make to dip breadsticks in, and put on the pizza crusts at end. I'm disappointed in those ducks though, 2/3 of them had their poor little beaks crack open on the first use! And the third one might too, I just haven't used it yet to see. WTF? Grrr!

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